Hi I'm Martin, I repair and setup acoustic and electric guitars, amplifiers and most other related items like pedals, leads, cases etc. I've been doing repairs for over 15 years and have a passion for getting the best tone out of a musicians guitar and rig. I have worked with musicians of most styles including Folk, Jazz, Blues, Punk, Emo, Indie, Metal and all types inbetween. I have tweaked and repaired hundreds of guitars and amplifiers, specializing in valve/tube amps but also transistor/solid state driven. If you have an amp or guitar that's not working as you would wish, I'm certain I can fix it. I have a reputation for pro work at reasonable prices. A basic guitar setup i.e. check neck, nut, bridge, machineheads, frets, intonation, action, clean pots, check electrics, clean/oil fretboard and change strings (parts not included) can cost as little as £20-30, although this figure depends on the state of the guitar in question.

I stay near Tollcross in Edinburgh.

If necessary I can turn around work quickly, possibly even same day or while-you-wait although it depends on the complexity of the job and my current workload. Please phone or email and we can discuss the options available to you. I can give a free quote for some standardised jobs like pickup/pot swaps, amp re-valve and bias etc. but I really need to see an instrument before I can quote on more involved or time consuming jobs like modifications and complex repairs.

If you have some modifications or more involved issues you would like to discuss please phone or come to see me in person as emails can be more time consuming and open to interpretation.

No work undertaken until you are happy with all agreed work. Hope to hear from you,
Martin Decades

Mob No: 07792698031    -    Home No: 01312299492    -    EMAIL: martin@axeman-guitars.co.uk




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